Thursday, December 8, 2011

Plundering The Depths Bandcamp! The Kennedy Veil - The Sentance Of Their Conqueror

Firstly, since I can't seem to be able to keep this as a weekly article, I'm not going to keep lying to you all and change the name to Plundering The Depths Of Bandcamp! I'll still try to keep it an recurring segment, but I'm just not making it time based.

Moving on, this time I found a band called The Kennedy Veil. They are a pretty fantastic sounding Technical Death Metal band (A genre that I have to admit I've been pretty obsessed with lately.) The album is called The Sentance Of Their Conqueror.

When I clicked on the album, the album art had me thinking this would be an album heavily laden with anti-establishment themed lyrics, and a general 'damn the government' attitude. While there are lyrics that contain metaphorical meanings to the ideals above, they were actually a bit more straight forward metal lyrics, and not as politically charged, often dealing with misanthropy. Either way, you'll be thrashing about listening to the music itself, having a good ol' time.

Everyone in this band definitely knows their instrument well. That fact prevails throughout the album. Technically speaking, it's a very sound album. Well produced, chock full of crazy blast beats, chunky guitars, and some awesome solo's. The vocals are great too, although, as with a lot of tech death bands, they can get a bit drown out by the ferocity of the instruments, but for the most part the vocals command your attention, and do a great job tying songs together.

The album as a whole has good flow, no song really seems out of place, there aren't any glaring problems, or anything of that sort. It's pretty relentless though. It might have been nice to have an interlude or slightly slower track to mix things up just a tad. But I wouldn't say the album suffers as a whole from that.

There are a few standout moments in the album, one being towards the end of the first real track Genesis Lamentations, where the vocalist is screaming "Pray for your lives!" It's a pretty awesome moment in the song. There is also 'pseudo breakdown' on Atrophy Of The Synthesis which works pretty well in the song. And We Are The Nothing also changes up the tempo a few times, with these steady double bass beats and an epic feeling guitar line and slower blood curdling vocals. We Are The Nothing Might be my favorite track on the album.

The album is insane, and these guys definitely deserve more attention. Hopefully they'll get it soon. Any fan of Technical Death Metal should check these guys out.

Here is their bandcamp page:

And here's a link to their facebook:

Help 'em out and give them some streams or buy the album for $6!

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