Thursday, May 17, 2012

Arbiter's Unreleased And Forgotten!

So if you follow my blog, even remotely, you've probably figured by now I pretty much love Arbiter. So in keeping with that, here's some more Arbiter news! Hot off the presses too! To help raise some funds for the release of the upcoming dual album Ironclad/Machinations Arbiter has released a tasty treat for fans of both their music and people like me who enjoy seeing how songs change and form over time from demo's to fully released songs.

Unreleased & Forgotten is a compilation of demo's and B-sides of sorts, with a nice set of blooper tracks thrown in at the end. It's a great collection for the hardcore fans and definitely worth a listen. If you want to help the band out you can pay $15 for the collection which is much less than a dollar per track over at their bandcamp and possibly on iTunes soon, or if you're feeling broke and want to help on a minute scale give it a listen on Spotify and spread the word! Getting their name out always helps!

Also look for pre-orders for their new album(s) sometime soon! (I just figured out Spotify can embed stuff, so here, I did the work for you. Now you have no excuse not to listen.)

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