Friday, May 18, 2012

Film Score Friday! Alan Silvestri - The Avengers

So the Avengers came out recently and has done quite well for itself so far speaking as a film as a whole. I've seen it twice now and can say it's stellar performance is well deserved. The film is witty, action packed, and practically flawless if you ask me. It's easily one of the best superhero/comic based films to date. The film released both a soundtrack and an album of songs 'inspired' by the film. Obviously the latter sold much better because of the big names on there, Soundgarden most notably. But today we'll be taking a look at Alan Silvestri's work on the film.
In case you haven't seen it, here's the trailer:

So the movie's great but how is the soundtrack? When watching a film such as this one, the soundtrack is typically the last thing the viewer notices because the things that are happening onscreen are the focus. The studio spent tons of money tying to make this movie visually stunning, which is pretty much is. However the soundtrack does accompany this film very well. While after the first viewing of the film I had noticed I couldn't recall really any portion of the soundtrack, during the second viewing I payed more attention to it. It's not a soundtrack that you'll really listen to on it's own, but it's very well crafted to fit this film.

I had never heard the name Alan Silvestri before either, so I had some worries, but it turns out the guy has worked on a ton of stuff, and I had just not noticed. the score was in good and well experienced hands.

There's the common aspects you'd expect in a superhero movie, the ominous sections of the score where you can tell the villain was on screen, and the upbeat more heroic stuff is there a plenty. One of the most memorable pieces is actually early on in the film where Tony is powering up his building for the first time. It's a nice piece that can get stuck in your head. The final two tracks are also pretty memorable, 'A Promise' starts out with an acoustic guitar piece followed by a building orchestra and horns and strings which plays what is effectively the theme song for the film. The final track 'The Avengers' is the track that played during the credits, and does a great job filling you with energy and gives you that heroic feeling. It continues the theme song portion as well.

Overall the score isn't breaking any new ground, but it does what it is supposed to for the film, and does it very well. Definitely worth checking out, along with the film itself. You'd be doing yourself a favor.

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