Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Becoming The Archetype Started Recording!

(Because they don't have a band photo with Chris McCane yet.)

Becoming The Archetype, who released an excellent album last year which ranked on my top 15 albums list, saw the departure of Jason Wisdom a few months ago and the recruitment of Chris McCane who did a great if not short job on the bands single 'O' Holy Night' last Christmas. As of yesterday the band has gone into the studio to record a follow up to Celestial Completion. Fans of the band are holding their hopes because Jason's shoes are quite large and difficult to fill, but from live videos and the Christmas single, I think Chris will do a good job filling in and maybe bring a new spice to the band. Here's to hoping!
Here's the official post's from their facebook:


So there you have it! Hopefully we'll get a studio update in the form of a video soon!

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