Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Browning - Burn This World

I've never listened to The Browning until now. As far as I know they have an EP or two? Someone correct me if I'm wrong please. Honestly, their name is far from my favorite band name, and I'm not entirely sure of it's meaning. However a bands name does not speak louder than it's music. The Browning have a 'new' take on the genre of Deathcore. They are apparently huge techno/dance music fans, and have created an amalgamation of the two genres to create Electronic Deathcore. Electrocore? When I was younger techno was just about the only thing I listened to, so let's say I was at least intrigued to hear what this album had to offer.

The album is far from album of the year. But the techno aspects make it a relatively interesting listen. It actually works fairly well for these guys. However the deathcore elements are the epitome of generic. I feel this might be done on purpose as the chugging and the electronic pieces seem to coalesce throughout the album. The techno elements definitely save this album though, without them, it would be a really bad attempt at deathcore in the vein of Emmure. But as I've already said the techno elements really make this worth a listen at least once or twice.

The only problem I really have with this album is that there don't seem to be any real standout tracks, but it all kind of flows together. And while I say it's the only problem for me, it also kind of works for me, because when I listened to techno I'd rather listen to an album that felt like one long arced piece of work. I'm not sure why entirely, but I was always more impressed when someone could hold my attention with a 45 minute techno album consisting of 2 or 3 songs, but I might just be really weird.

This album feels more in the vein of Bury Your Dead's latest album. That is that it feels like an attempt to release something that is fun to listen to but by no means is it a shot at being praised for technicality and craftsmanship. I could actually picture some of this music playing in a club setting. It'd have to be an off the wall club that doesn't only play the terrible hit dance/hip hop music from the radio, but a club none-the-less.

I might give the album a couple of spins and maybe it'll grow a bit more. I sincerely hope though that this style doesn't hugely catch on because I fear there is way to much opportunity for failure and unoriginality. I would love to be wrong and I also sincerely hope that if someone else tries this style they blow my mind, but I guess only time will tell. (Also, if someone knows of a band that has already tried this style, please tell me. I might just be out of the loop on an odd subgenre of a subgenre.)

The album is a fun listen, and if you like tehchno or deathcore, or like less serious/more fun metal, give The Browning a listen. If you only like progressive deathcore or more technically impressive deathcore, pretend this never existed, you won't be pleased.

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