Thursday, October 20, 2011

Arbiter Post 'Destroyer'!

Tis' a good day for new music so far. Deathcore outfit Arbiter have posted 'Destroyer' on their facebook, which I presume is from the Machinations side of the new album due out later this year, judging from the overall sound at least. (It sounds a bit mechanical, in a good way.)

It's heavy, fast and has really cool atmosphere thanks to the rain in the opening and overall production of the track. This really gets me excited for the new album. Hopefully they'll post a track from both sides of the new album to give us a feel for the differences therein.

Check out the track on the bandpage section of their facebook. I believe you can buy it on iTunes as well.

Also if you haven't already, check out their previous effort Collosus. It's pretty fantastic. Arbiter are quickly becoming one of my favorite Deathcore bands.

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