Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Becoming The Archetype Remix Album Coming

So remixes seem to be pretty hot recently, some good, many bad. Regardless that deosn't keep me from being interested in Becoming the Archetypes upcoming remix album Celestial Progression which as you can probably tell is a remix album for Celestial Completetion. You can head here to listen to two samples, one of which I dig, and the other may take some time to grow on me.

Remixes get a lot of criticism, many people think it's lazy work by the band to release a remix album (regardless of the fact that the band aren't typically the ones doing any of the work on a remix album) and some people just outright hate remixes. I used to only listen to techno, so they don't really bother me much, but they don't tend to amaze me much either. Regardless this should be a fun listen. And critics of the band can't complain because it's not like they are putting this out to just satiate peoples taste for a while, they are working on a new album with their new front man. should be an interesting year for BTA.

The remixes are expected to release on April 17th, look for them soon!

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