Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Oh, Sleeper Will Release A Video Game!

That right there is the sneak peak into what Oh, Sleeper has been working on. It's a side scrolling video game, seemingly aimed at mobile phones, that plays out the story from their last album Children Of Fire which was one of my favorite albums last year.
I can't seem to find an official release date but this game looks pretty polished from that screenshot. Hopefully it is soon and hopefully it goes to both Android and iOS if it is in fact a mobile game. Also this games soundtrack will feature the 10 tracks from the latest album done in midi form, which should be awesome and should help add to the immersion of both the game and the actual album itself. I hope more bands do stuff like this (I know Last Chance To Reason did this, and as a big gamer, I really hope it catches on.)

I'm definitely looking forward to this. I'll be a day one buy if it comes to Android.

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