Friday, March 23, 2012

Film Score Friday! Detachment - The Newton Brothers

So I'm going to try and add more film stuff to the blog, since it's primarily metal. The problem I have is that I'm too cheap to see a movie every week, but I listen to plenty of music, thanks to spotify and the internet in general, so I'm going to try and feature a film score each week, I'll do my best to actually see the film, but I can't make any promises there.

To start it off I've picked the film Detachment, starring Adrien Brody, with the score being provided by The Newton Brothers, who as far as I can tell are relative newcomers with this being their first major film score. (Someone please correct me if I am wrong) I plan on seeing this film and will post a film review if I do, but for now we'll settle with the score.

Here's the trailer:

After watching the trailer I was immediately intrigued, and the score only solidified that. Much of the score is emotional strings atop slow dramatic piano, and I must say it's really beautiful stuff. I love putting on a film soundtrack when I go to sleep, and this is definitely one I'll be playing. Not that it's boring to the point that it lulls you to sleep, it's just gentle, sad and calm.

It's also got a really nice atmosphere carried across the soundtrack created by these dissonant guitars and slight ambient noises scattered throughout.

Overall it's a really solid piece and definitely makes me want to see the film. If you have Spotify I'd definitely recommend looking it up.

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