Monday, March 26, 2012

Dethklok Fan? Check out Galaktikon!

So I've been dying for a new Dethklok album for a while now, but recently it was announced that Brendan Smalls would be working on a new more high energy rock metal project, which had me a tad bit worried at first because I really love Dethklok, but after hearing this new track from Galaktikon I'm a lot less worried.

Go here to listen to the track:
Galaktikon - On My Way

Overall it sounds like a high energy less dark version of Dethklok is 'Nathan Explosion' wasn't on vocals, probably because it features a lot of people who worked on Dethklok. It's pretty good stuff, and honestly it'll probably hold me over under we get Dethalbum III, whenever that may be.

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