Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Born Of Osiris Are Writing Again!

(Minus the guy in white in the back)

When Jason Richardson was fired from Born Of Osiris a few months back many fans, myself included to be honest, were a bit worried. Jason joined the group just before they put out The Discovery which was their best work to date, and a huge step up from their previous albums. Lee Mckinney however is trying to make it known Jason wasn't the only one int he band with the skills to shred. Lee posted two short videos of pre-production work for the follow up to last years album:

Now I think we can all breathe a bit easier. Lee is a talented guy. I'm still holding some reserves though because The Discovery as a whole was such a step up for these guys it's going to be hard to follow up something so impressive. I'm excited none the less.

The Real question is can Jason make Chelsea Grin a more notable band? We'll find out.

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