Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wretched - Son Of Perdition

Victory Records, much like Sumerian Records, are a label with an almost startling roster of bands under them. It's amazing to go from the likes of Jungle Rot, or Between The Buried And Me to the likes of The Royalty, and Silverstien. That's not an insult to any of those bands, it's just a bit a of a shock how wide a variety you can find under this label. On the heavier side of things lies Wretched, a band that seems to bend between a handful of metal sub-genres, but proclaims themselves as melodic death metal. Their latest outing Son Of Perdition, to me at least, sounds more like a blend of technical death metal with a splash of more melodic deathcore. (The album cover reminds me of a tech death album cover too.) However, labels don't really matter much, it's about about the quality of music right?

Son Of Perdition aims to push Wretched's sound more towards the technical less breakdown focused side of things. It's a really good album that ups their musicianship overall but doesn't entirely leave the their roots in the dust. However, deathcore haters should be able to warm up to this album. This album also brings with it a new vocalist, which can definitely be a make it or break it things for a band.

Starting off with a chorus track 'Oblivion' establishes from the get go a really great darker apocalyptic atmosphere that is carried all throughout the remainder of the album and is really epitomized by the three instrumental tracks in towards the end of the album. Yes, you read that right, three instrumental tracks just like Beyond The Gate had. While the vocals are really great on this album, these three tracks are probably my favorite portion of the album. The third track brings in a bit of a Spanish flavor, that is quickly evolved into a heavier track with a breakdown. The breakdowns however aren't your typical deathcore/hardcore breakdown, they have more purpose it seems and feel more like the breakdowns you'd find occasionally in a straight death metal track.

The vocals are more high pitched screams with these often layered gutturals thrown in, which sound really cool regardless of the fact that they are layered. The vocals all throughout are really in the foreground of the mix, and for good reason, they are crazy and hectic, but complement each song well.

The guitars are a blend of progressive more tech death inspired solos and riffs, with some deathcore styled chugs thrown in here and there, notably on the slower closing track 'Decimation'. The solos and leads are definitely the highlight of the album, but the rhythm guitars are pretty impressive.

The drums are also really solid on this album. My favorite thing about Beyond The Gate is probably the drumming, it's fast paced, but varied and unlike some deathcore bands, it doesn't feel like it's always in a breakdown mode. The drums on Son Of Perdition continue this only they, like the rest of the album feel more tech death inspired. You'll find plenty of great blast beats and some impressive fills.

Overall Son Of Perdition is an impressive release, and shows that Wretched is one of Victory Record's best offerings. You can stream the whole album for free on Spotify too, so whats stopping you?

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