Monday, April 9, 2012

Arbiter Will Silence!

So yesterday was Easter. You might have gone to church for one of the two times you'll be guilt tripped into going to this year. You probably had Dinner with your family, and maybe you went on an Easter egg hunt. I did all three, but the last one there was slightly different than normal. This year my Easter egg hunt ended with some delicious metal.

Arbiter, as you probably know by now if you've followed my blog even remotely, are releasing a new concept album this year, and yesterday they gave those willing to hunt (or wait until some blog spoiled it) a taste of what they've been working on, aside from that awesome Rick Astley cover. Here's the new track, entitled 'We Will Silence' (keep in mind it's not mastered yet):

Pretty awesome stuff! You'll be able to Pre-order Machinations/Ironclad soon according to the band; something I'll be doing, as you should too.

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