Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Band Of The Week: Humanity's Last Breath

Saying Humanity's Last Breath are underrated is far beyond an understatement. These guys are a talented technical deathcore group that truly know how to work in a great atmosphere into their music. They have only had one full length album so far, Structures Collapse, but they are in progress with a yet to be titled follow up and from the song and teasers they've released it sounds really promising.

Here's the song 'Animal' that will be coming on their new record:

Now you might be thinking, wow that sounds a lot like Vildhjarta, and while you'd be right in saying this band has taken a lot of inspiration from Vildhjarta in terms of guitar tone, their style of playing hasn't changed from their first album which released a few months before Vildhjarta released Masstaden. They've just taken inspiration from the awesome tones Vildhjarta established. Also both bands are from Sweden, so it'd be awesome to see them tour together.

Here's one of the best tracks off of their debut LP:

Humanity's Last Breath didn't get the same level of exposure that Vildhjarta did with their debut but they deserve your attention regardless. Structures Collapse is well worth your time and their new material is bound to be equally as good if not better.

Give them a like on facebook, they are one of the band who have been having issues with the fake likes recently and a real human being liking their page will definitely be helpful. Their new album doesn't ahve a title or date yet, but it's expected to be released around August or September.

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