Monday, May 20, 2013

DL Is Out Of The Acacia Strain

Lambgoat reported this story today that guitarist Daniel 'DL' Laskiewicz is out of the Acacia Strain. Myself and Vince over at Metalsucks didn't even realize that DL had not been touring with the band for a long time, just writing and most recently producing.

Here's the statement from DL himself:
"Well, if you haven't noticed, I haven't played a show with The Acacia Strain in years and I've just been writing the music for them. I've been informed today that they will continue on without me, meaning shows and writing albums. This is totally understandable and I wish the band the best. I'll be around, as I'm still recording and producing and also have another project in the works. So once again, I WILL NOT be writing for The Acacia Strain anymore. It's been fun tas, later!"
DL was a rather large part of the bands writing process so it'll be interesting to see how this affects them on their next album (likely a year and half or so from now, unless they bump it up to try and show us they can handle it on their own.)

Lambgoat also seems to think that Devin Shidaker, who just left Oceano a few weeks ago might be the replacement since Oceano has been quiet about those details and The Acacia Strain have yet to make an announcement on a new guitarist. Shidaker should fit in pretty nicely with TAS. Here's to hoping this move doesn't end up being a bad thing.

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