Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Doc Coyle Of God Forbid Talks About Tim Lambesis

Doc Coyle of God Forbid posted an article about his feelings on Tim Lambesis's situation. Doc's post is realyl well written and as someone who really looked up to Tim as a person I completely relate to his post. I can't post the entire post here, but follow either of these links to read it. If you're interested in Tim's situation at all you definitely should read this. Links: via Metalsucks via Doc's Blog Rebel Noise

Here's a snippet I felt wrapped the post up nicely though:

In a world where one’s credibility and reputation is everything, all it takes in just one single accusation to destroy someone’s credibility forever.
It's a really unfortunate situation and like Doc I hope Tim is innocent, but this case will follow him his whole life even if he is not found guilty.

Anyhow, yeah this sucks. I know it shouldn't matter as much but I wonder how this will effect Austrian Death Machines sales, and it's sad we might never see that full length Pyrithion album.

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