Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Well This Sucks. Tim Lambesis Got Arrested?

Well here's to hoping this is some major mix up. Apparently Tim Lambesis, the frontman for As I Lay Dying was arrested yesterday for the alleged attempt to hire someone to murder his estranged wife. Tim and his wife have had some hard times recently, but this seems way out of left field to be something Tim would do. I guess you never really know the inner workings of someone else, especially not a person of fame, but still this is weird.

Reuter's reported the original story, but Alternative Press updated their story with a tweet/instagram photo from Tim that shows that he literally just got back from their tour in Asia, which makes this feel less plausible to me. More details should surface over the next few days. Metal blade still has no comment on the arrest.

Tim had just started a new band Pyrithion, and just finished a fund raising campaign for a new Austrian Death Machine album  this year, so for the fans and Tim lets hope this is all a giant mix up.

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