Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Band Of The Week: Dysphoria

Dysphoria is a deathcore band from the Ukraine that's pretty getting a decent amount of attention recently. They released their second full length album last year entitled To The Perfect Form Of Modern Species, and got themselves signed by Total Deathcore (who I didn't know signed bands.) Dysphoria's brand of deathcore isn't something that's entirely new, but they have done a fantastic job with the writing on this album, filling it full of great instrumentation and not going wall to wall with the breakdowns.
Check out the song 'War Precursor':

What you get with these guys is a nice blend of deathcore and technical death metal, especially notable in the drums. Their drummer has some pretty insane fills and handles the tempo changes incredibly well. The combo of more or less regular, although well performed gutturals and more chaotic hardcore inspired screams makes the vocals an interesting performance as well.

Dysphoria is defintiely a band to keep an eye on. They have the talent to beat out plenty of other bands in the genre, and deserve the same level of exposure as the bigger bands in the genre.

They have about 7.5k likes on facebook, and a like from you or a purchase of their album on bandcamp or other places like iTunes or Amazon, would go a long way for these guys.

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