Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Band Of The Week: Carach Angren

I wouldn't really put Carach Angren in the same category as the other BOTW entries I've had so far, mostly because of their genre and notoriety. Carach Angren are in a bit of a sweet spot where they aren't mega famous or anything, but they are decently well known, and for good reason at that.

Carach Angren, which is Sindarin for 'Iron Jaws' (a Tolkien born language), are a symphonic black metal band with a knack for theatrics. Each and every song is telling a story, and the lyrics are incredibly engaging. It's also nice that the way the vocals and production are done it's relatively easy to understand Seregor's lyrics.

Check out 'The Funerary Dirge Of A Violinist' from their latest album Where The Corpses Sink Forever:

Carach Angren isn't your typical black metal band by a long shot. They have an eye for production and a focus on storytelling and are easily one of the best bands at engaging the listener. You can't start an album and not finish it. You want to hear more stories. You want more Carach Angren.

Also check out 'Bloodstains On The Captains Log' from their previous album Death Came Through A Phantom Ship:

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