Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Liferuiner - Future Revisionists

Liferuiner is a band I never truly enjoyed in the past. Their ‘brocore’ sound just felt like they were trying to cash in on the success of Emmure and The Acacia Strain. It didn’t help that they had some pretty bad song titles like ‘A Ticket To The Pussy Crusher’ ‘The Alphabet Never Really Made Sense To Me’ and ‘Suck My Dick’. Not a fantastic start. I was definitely a bit hesitant when their new album Future Revisionists came to me. Before listening I did some research and found out that this band is almost entirely new, save for the vocalist, and that they’ve taken a different approach to their music. This alone intrigued me enough to start the album and from the very first moment it starts you can tell you are dealing with an entirely different beast now.

The band has taken a new direction in almost every way, save for the fact that they are still a core band. The best and most noticeable change though is to their sound. They’ve incorporated a lot of influence from Post- Metal which really makes this album memorable. There is something about this album that speaks to you and makes it feel honest.

Now there are still plenty of breakdowns on this album, it’s still a metalcore/hardcore album, but the writing on this album all throughout has vastly improved from their old material. The band does not shy away from chords, and go far beyond playing simple chugs and easy riffs. They’ve also learned, and this comes from the post-metal influences, the importance of atmosphere. This album is chock full of great atmosphere. From the intro on ‘Vacant’ to the quieter moments in ‘Fissure’ that build up to an epic wall of sound creating one of the more beautiful and memorable parts of the album. The vocals aren’t different than on previous albums, because the vocalist is the only original member of the band, but the vocal style feels more at home on this album, and the lyrics he’s screaming feel more honest and hopeful.  The new sound really just works better in every aspect.

Now Liferuiner has definitely come a long way, and Future Revisionists is a very enjoyable album to listen to over and over, but there is still room to improve. If they continue to incorporate the post-metal influences, and continue to shy away from the simpler breakdowns I believe this band can really make something memorable of themselves. They can still incorporate the more aggressive tones of hardcore music, and they do this mixture very well on a number of songs on this album. I really look forward to where this new start will take these guys, and plan to give Future Revisionists plenty more listens this year.

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