Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Band Of The Week: As They Sleep

Things have been rather quiet in As They Sleep's camp lately. Their last release Dynasty came out in 2010, and there doesn't seem to be any info about them working on a new album although they released a cover of Billy Squire's song 'The Stroke'. I do hope this changes in the near future though as these guys have made two brilliant albums in their career so far.

As They Sleep draw are essentially Solid State Records version of Black Dahlia Murder in overall tone, although As They Sleep's lyrics aren't as wild as things like 'Raped In Hatred By Vines Of Thorns' or 'Statutory Ape', especially since As They Sleep's lyrics have no curse words and some christian themes.

Check out 'Bedlam At The Nile':

The cover of Billy Squire's song is pretty great and features members of Black Dahlia Murder, Hope For The Dying, Nightshade, and Bury The Silence.

Check it out:

It would be great to see a new album from As They Sleep sometime soon. For now though give them a like on facebook and buy their albums!

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