Monday, November 11, 2013

Band Of The Week: Silence The Messenger

Silence The Messenger are a deathcore outfit from Texas who've just recently released their debut album entitled Achilles. The band has been active since 2010 when they released their EP Buried, but their major label debut packs quite a punch and has been garnering a decent amount of attention.

The band cites many bands as influences, including Behemoth, Whitechapel and Slipknot, and while the Whitechapel influence may be the most prevalent you can definitely hear others in there. The band does a great job holding you attention and this album doesn't really trail off at any point.

Check out 'The Great Depths':

Silence The Messenger show a ton of promise and should hit home with fans of Whitechapel, Legend, The Acacia Strain and plenty more. Achilles is well worth your time. Give the band a shout on facebook and if you can, buy their album.

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