Saturday, January 21, 2012

As I Lay Dying Are Writing A New Full Length!

So I stumbled across a note on As I Lay Dying's facebook regarding some fans reactions to the remixes found on their Deca's ep. Which told me two things:

1. Some people are really stupid.
2. As I Lay Dying are writing again!

Hit the break to see the full statement from Tim:

"For anyone worried by the remixes we've posted recently, I would like to update you all that we've begun writing material for a new full length full of straight up METAL.

Most of our fans understand what is going on, but I think that we've seriously overestimated the intelligence of some who don't understand that a remix is someone else's representation of our music. AILD is not creating electronic music nor do we plan to. However, we do enjoy spreading the word about talented friends of our who have submitted their version of one of our songs. When any one of our fans works hard on something paying tribute to our band we are grateful.

Thanks for the 10 years of support and the many interesting things our friends and fans have done for us!


Pretty schweet. I love the first sentence of that second paragraph, I'm constantly astonished at how dumb people can be. I was expecting a full length this year being that The Powerless Rise came out almost two years ago now, but it's always nice to have my expectations confirmed. Every new full length from these guys has become my favorite so I hope that trend continues.

I'll post more news about it when I see it. I expect this album will be released towards the end of the year.

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