Saturday, January 14, 2012

Demon Hunter Release New Album Details!

Seattle based metalcore band Demon Hunter have released a few details on their new album due out later this year. Among which we've learned that they have gained a new guitarist, Jeremiah Scott, who, like other guitarist Patrick Judge, is also a member of another christian metalcore band The Showdown.

The band says this album is going to be their heaviest to date, which is not at all uncommon for a band to say, especially a metal band, but it's always nice to hear. They also state that in a scene full of bands past their prime, they are continuing to try and top themselves.

Here's to hoping they do, although they've created big shoes for themselves to fill. 2010's The World Is A Thorn is a fantastic album, and you definitely should check it out, and check out heir old work while your at it.

Look for more details soon. And check out their tumblr for the officail statement:

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