Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Impending Doom Made A Song 'For The Wicked'!

NEW IMPENDING DOOM SONG. Sorry I got a little excited there. So along with Veil Of Maya Impending Doom are unleashing a beast from their forthcoming album Baptized In Filth

Check it out on their bandpage on their facebook!
(Update: Got the video on here finally!)

They've definitely evolved their sound a bit. From the sound of it Brook Reeves has rounded out his vocals a bit more even though they were already pretty vicious, they feel a bit more throaty if that makes sense. It's also sounding like Andreas Magnusson and Machine have worked well with the band to produce an incredible album. Overall it's sounding like it'll at least be the best produced album they've had.

Baptized In Filth is set to release on March 13th! Look forward to it!

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